Are you in the relationship you want?

Men and women are very good at finding explanations as to why they’re still single.

“I’m too picky” “All men are commitment phobes”
“All women are crazy” “I’m too old”

Dating is supposed to come naturally, but for whom?

The truth is that most people don’t do it well, or they think they do, but their track record says otherwise.

My job is to help you find your happiness by discovering those internal behaviours that stand between you and a healthy, loving relationship so that you can move forward.

I want you to experience an amazing, delicious relationship that expands your capacity for love in the world.

It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you have gone through. I know this is possible and it’s never too late.

What does a dating coach do?

“My absolute favourite thing about being a relationship coach is guiding singles to love beyond their wildest dreams…”

I offer a number of coaching programs.
These programs will empower you to:

  • Discover clarity around what you want out of life and your relationships
  • Experience the confidence to fully be yourself in every moment
  • Develop a greater understanding of the masculine and feminine and how to light up the magic and passion that our differences ignite
  • Embrace the love that is yours by being whole, open, accepting and unconditional in your own expression of love
  • Unlock the freedom to embrace life’s possibilities at every age

Who are my clients?

I work with men and women from their early 30s to late 60s and, just like you, they all want the same thing: A loving, stable relationship.

The only prerequisite to working with a dating coach is that you’re committed to doing what it takes to experience the relationship you really want.

For example, Susan* was a divorcee in her mid-30s and so frustrated with the dating scene that she had all but given up…

Or Joe*, a successful corporate executive in his early 40s who had worked so hard building his career that he’d forgotten about building a family and worried it was too late…

To read case studies about how I help my clients create successful and fulfilling relationships, continue here…


Find out ways YOU can ignite your dating life

Free Consultation With Lesley Edwards

Free Consultation With Lesley Edwards

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